Car loan with letter as security – at the desired rate


The bank often requests the letter as security, so that the customer has no choice. The basic requirements for the loan must be observed first.


Car loan – customers need to know that

Car loan - customers need to know that

In order to be able to take out a car loan with security as a letter, the basic requirements should be known. The lender expects the applicant to be at least 18 years old. As a result, he usually has a seizable income that can prevent a failure. Credit default is also minimized if the employment contract is permanent.

You also need to have a good credit bureau. This will be very important in terms of creditworthiness. Customers often fail at this point of the review. But too little income can prevent borrowing or reduce the loan amount.

The letter is intended to serve as security. In the event of a loan default, the lender can sell the car and keep the profit. The loss would therefore not be noticeable to the lender.

Documents for borrowing

Documents for borrowing

Proof of income will be required for a car loan with letter as collateral. Many require the last three proofs, so that a regular income is proven. The lender will also look at the length of employment. Anyone who works on a trial basis will have no credit opportunities. Since employees can be terminated at any time during this period, the risk of a loan would be too great. Third-party banks require the bank statements to be viewed.

This way it is checked whether there is a garnishment of wages and how the borrower can handle his finances. A negative account makes a very bad impression. Before applying, make sure that the account has been cleared. If the customer takes out a car loan with a letter of security from a foreign bank, the Postident procedure must be carried out.

This guarantees that the customer exists and that it is really this person.

Bad creditworthiness – further loan collateral

Bad creditworthiness - further loan collateral

If the bank requests additional security, then the customer has to come up with something. The guarantor and capital-forming life insurance are among the most chosen loan collateral. It is not easy for every loan seeker to find someone who guarantees the car loan by letter as security. If this person is not found, a capital-building life insurance can also be taken as security. (Hardly accepted since 2016)

The loan seeker must note that the insurance is only accepted if it can show a corresponding surrender value. So this must be as high as the loan amount that is taken up. Anyone who can offer this does not need any residual debt insurance. This is very often offered. But it is only needed if there is no other loan security. With two insurance policies, the borrower would be overinsured and would have to pay unnecessary premiums.

Auto bank or direct bank?

Auto bank or direct bank?

Again and again the question is asked where the loan is best taken out. In order to be able to answer this question in individual cases, the conditions of the providers should be considered. The customer can apply to a car bank on site. There is no need to search for a lender.

The dealer will send the customer’s documents to the bank. In return, the bank will send an offer to the dealer. So the customer can decide whether to accept this offer. At a direct bank, the customer has a very large selection of car loans on the Internet. This has the advantage that he can determine himself at what interest rate and for what term he takes out the car loan by letter as security. The interest, but also the other options, can decide whether to take out the loan.

A loan calculator shows exactly which offer turns out to be cheap and which turns out to be expensive.

Car loan with letter as security – loan calculator

Car loan with letter as security - loan calculator

The loan can be taken out very flexibly so that it can be adapted to personal needs. The rates are adjusted so that the applicant can bear the monthly charge without any problems. The selection is quite large. Credit institutions very often grant a car loan with a letter of security if the customer can prove that the creditworthiness exists. This enables the customer to compare the loans online and find a good offer.

A loan calculator is easy to use. Only a few details will be required to learn a lot about the loan.

After the loan amount, the term and the purpose have been specified, the calculator creates a list. Now you just have to choose the right offer.

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