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By loaning your vehicle, you can secure cash quickly and easily. If banks deny you a loan and other options promise no success, Good Credit is a reliable solution. As an experienced car pawnshop, we will pay you your cash immediately.

Lending: Pawn a car, get cash

Lending: Pawn a car, get cash

If you think about the loan of your car, you will find your reliable contact in Good Credit. We are not only there for you as a car rental company and accept your used car as a deposit. You also lend to us

  • motorcycles
  • campers
  • boats
  • truck

and historical vehicles. Companies and private individuals lend their pledge for up to three months. Our service is currently focused on the Rhine-Main region and Bavaria: We are there for you in Rosenheim and Munich as well as Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Frankfurt. Do you live a little further away? Simply contact Good Credit for your non-binding inquiry!

Loan in the car pawnshop: this is how it works

Loan in the car pawnshop: this is how it works

The loan of your motor vehicle is transparent and fair at all times. In the first step, you can send us all the important data about your vehicle without much effort and pleasantly unbureaucratic. This is the basic data that we need to determine the amount of cash. To count among those

  • the vehicle age
  • the mileage as well
  • the vehicle type

with which we determine the real value of your vehicle. The Credit Bureau? Never plays a role at Good Credit. Whether you have negative entries or a low score there has no effect. Next comes the meeting, at which the final can be very happy.

If you wish, you can even loan your vehicle on the same day and thus ensure short-term liquidity. In order to be able to sign the contract, please bring the vehicle registration document and other important documents with you. Then nothing stands in the way of the quick payment of cash!

Lending and triggering

Lending and triggering

The uncomplicated loan at Good Credit naturally also includes the release of your deposit. We will keep your used car for a maximum of three months, after which you will receive your vehicle back. Of course, all documents that we have listed in the handover protocol are included. Would you like to lend your deposit with us beyond the three months? No problem.

We would be happy to draw up a new quarterly contract with you. The early release in our car pawnshop works just as easily. Simply contact us by phone and we will process the return of your vehicle. We are also open to the complete sale of your vehicle.

Loaning in the car pawnshop Good Credit: advantages over advantages

The loan of your vehicle takes place with us completely without Credit Bureau and income check. Our discreet way of working also means that the reasons for your interest in our car dealership remain hidden. This also applies to your deposit, which we leave protected in an insured building.

As a member of the German mortgage lending industry and with our decades of experience, you can rely on a competent partner who has nothing to hide about the conditions and your expenses. Whether it is stand fee, interest or other fees: We disclose everything so that you can see all costs fairly and transparently. Get short-term liquidity completely risk-free at Good Credit by loaning your vehicle!

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