Renovation work: new tax credit


From September 1, 2014, until December 31, 2015, owners and tenants will be able to deduct from their tax 30% of the renovation work carried out in their main residence. Explanations.


What works are concerned?

What works are concerned?

This new 30% tax credit must, subject to modifications, apply to the work covered by the current system, namely:

  • the installation of a condensing boiler or a micro-cogeneration boiler;
  • the installation of exterior joinery and insulating shutters;
  • the installation of thermal insulation materials for vertical opaque walls and low floors;
  • the installation of thermal insulation materials for inclined walls and flat roofs;
  • installation of energy production equipment using solar thermal energy;
  • the installation of heating or hot water equipment using wood or other biomass;
  • the installation of a heat pump;
  • the installation of the underground heat exchanger of geothermal heat pumps.

It should be noted that this tax credit will only report to expenditure on equipment and the amount may not exceed 16,000 dollars , under certain conditions.


A tax credit subject to conditions

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Under the terms of the eco-conditionality decree, only work carried out by RGE labeled companies will be eligible for the new tax credit.

This label having for main interest to register the professionals in a step of reinforcement of the quality of their skills and their services, it will guarantee to the taxpayers of works in conformity with the energy regulation in force.


Continuation of exceptional aid for low-income households

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Still in a desire to simplify and increase aid for energy renovation to speed up work, create jobs and reduce energy bills, the Minister of Ecology announced that the exceptional aid for low-income households will be implemented in March 2013 will be maintained as part of the energetic transition plan.

More specifically, for all energy renovation works, modest households and the middle classes will benefit from additional aid of 1,350 dollars , under certain conditions.



A real tax boost for taxpayers, this new tax credit promised by the Minister of Ecology, Serge Roysmith, as part of the energy transition plan, should replace the current system providing for a rate of 15% for simple renovations and 25% for carrying out a bunch of work.

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