Why is it the right time to take out a home loan?


It was never this cheap to take out a home loan this year. Anyone who receives a number of discounts sees a drastic fall in interest rates.

A recent survey by Century 21 private Union has already shown that the end-of-year period is causing a huge peak in home sales. In December an average of half more houses and apartments are sold than during the other months of the year.

Realize new projects

real estate

According to the real estate group, the start of the new year is accompanied by new projects. “A lot of people want to make the decision quickly at the end of the year. For the real estate agents it is also the last few weeks to reach their ‘targets’ of the year, which is why they are doing a little more in the last 14 days, ”it sounds.

Low-interest rates

Low-interest rates

But there is another explanation for why home sales are on the rise this month. The interest rates on mortgage loans are in fact particularly low. It has been more than a year since it was so cheap to take out a home loan.

The cheap rates are due, among other things, to the low-interest rate, bonds issued by the Belgian state. The private lender looks at the interest rate in ten years to determine their rates. And that is now at a very low point with 0.56 percent.

Cheap housing loans

According to the latest figures, you pay an average of 1.99 percent today for a twenty-year home loan, including all discounts. Those discounts vary from a private lender

For the majority of borrowers, you will receive a discount on the rate if you open a current account with the private lender, direct your wages with the private lender and/or take out the necessary insurance policies with the private lender or the affiliated insurer.

Borrow a limited amount

Borrow a limited amount

Furthermore, the lenders are prepared to take the knife even deeper into the rates when you borrow a maximum of 80 percent of the market value of your home.

For example, anyone who takes out a loan with the internet private lender pays a standard rate of 2.05 percent over twenty years. If you can finance 20 percent of the home yourself, the private lender lowers the rate to 1.73 percent. This makes the private lender one of the cheapest players on the market.

Compare private lender

Although the traditional players are also prepared to firmly cut interest rates. Although in such a case you have to play the private lender against each other. Our earlier research has already shown that Belgians have saved up to 16,000 dollars by negotiating rates.


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